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The Carolina Medical Center was established in Warsaw in 1998 as an orthopedics and sports medicine clinic and built financially on the strong foundations of a joint-stock company, Sport Medica S.A. With solid financial grounding and proven leadership in the medical services industry the team at CMC have formed the basis of an organization for which the health of the patient is the primary concern.

We specialize in many areas, amongst all:

  • orthopedics,
  • neurosurgery,
  • diagnostic imaging,
  • physiotherapy,
  • nutritional medicine
  • body functioning.

The lynchpin of our success is comprehensive and thorough medical care from full diagnosis, through non-invasive or surgical treatment to rehabilitation. We have the most technologically advanced equipment at our disposal. We have invested in these cutting edge apparatus because we always have our patients’ well-being at heart. We know that combination of technology and experience results in quicker and more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment and shorter recovery time.

Our patients come from different parts of the world, we also cooperate on a direct billing basis with international insurance companies. Our doctors speak fluent English, German, Russian and French. We have 24 hour emergency service together with diagnostic imaging services.


The Carolina Medical Center is the undisputed leader in the area of sports medicine. We specialise in arthroscopy – or Keyhole Surgery – for all joints (knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist).

At the Carolina Medical Center we perform full spectrum of surgical procedures, i.e.:

  • reconstructive operation to restore the shape and function of a joint – we are reference centre for these procedures
  • alloplasty – the making of artificial joints – knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist. Among other, we performed the first in Europe ankle joint alloplasty (InBone) and the first in Poland BHR
  • upper limb surgeries
  • traumatology – modern non-invasive treatment of fractures
  • Ligament reconstructions – anterior, posterior cruciate ligament, back-side complex, ligaments of the ankle amongst others
  • Allogeneic menisci transplant – again, the first to do so in Poland
  • Bred Cartilage transplants
  • collagen menisci instilling (Menaflex), one of the first in Poland
  • 8-plate – minor invasive method of the correction of the axis of children’s limbs
  • Revision surgeries
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Rheumatoid orthopedics
  • Synovectomy
  • Minor Groin injury treatment sustained by athletes
  • Correction of the axis – Taylor Spatial Frame, osteotomy
  • Extending limbs – Taylor Spatial Frame – as first in Poland
  • Administration of growth factors

We go well beyond the realm of unique neurosurgeries by providing services like the kyphoplasty balloon or  an operation to ensure  the stabilization of the spine with the In Space implantation method – with the application of the zygapophyseal restraint.

As one of the first clinics in Poland we have opened the Diagnostic Centre for Physical Movement and Function where we conduct body functioning tests (which up to now was only applied in the evaluation of the strength potential of athletes and the possibility of improving their training) to appraise motor organ overloading effects and assess rehabilitation effectiveness and possible alterations of the treatment program.

Our departments and medical specialties


Head of department: Orthopedics


Treatments of the musculoskeletal system.



Treatments that we offer:

Ankle replacement surgery

Elbow joint replacement surgery

Foot arthritis treatment

Hand joint replacement surgery

Hip joint replacement surgery

Knee joint replacement surgery

Lumbar spine disk replacement

Neck pain treatment

Orthopedic oncology treatment

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Shoulder replacement surgery

Wrist arthritis treatment

Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Head of department: Physical medicine and rehabilitation


Treating persons with physical impairments or disabilities. Specialists in physiatry are called physiatrist.



Treatments that we offer:

Pediatric physical therapy

Physical therapy

Sports injury rehabilitation


Head of department: Radiology


Using medical imaging techniques to diagnose treat diseases within the body. Doctors who specialize in this area are called



Treatments that we offer:

CT scan: Computed Tomography

MRI scan: Magnetic resonance imaging

Pediatric radiology

Ultrasound scanning


Stem cell therapy

Head of department: Stem cell therapy


Medical usage of stem cells to treat a disease.



Treatments that we offer:

Bone regeneration

Cartilage regeneration

Carolina Medical Center



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