Founded in 2005, View Plastic Surgery Clinic did not focus on just one area of Plastic surgery but has been evenly growing in all areas of Plastic surgery such as breast surgery, facial bone contouring surgery, bimaxillary surgery, eyes and nose surgery, and wrinkle surgery to become a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic.

Such balanced growth is also the challenge of the clinic for pursuing an individual’s unique ideal beauty.

View Plastic Surgery Clinic will keep pursuing balanced growth for an individual’s unique beauty, safe and stable plastic surgery and is doing its best to become a hub for plastic surgery in Asia beyond Korea.

Cooperation System

Specialists in each department of a surgery set up a customized surgery plan based on the condition of the patient and provide an error-free surgery for a safer surgery.

Specialist in Anesthesiology

Anesthesiologist experienced in Plastic Surgey resides on site 24/7 in VIEW for Plastic Surgery. The anesthesiologist continuously checks the vital signs of the patient like breathing, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature during the surgery to keep the patient stable and provides care until the patient regains their consciousness for higher safety.

Dream Team of Breast Surgery

VIEW clinic has organized the ‘dream team of breast surgery’ system with cosmetic surgery experts, general surgeons(breast diagnosis), anesthesiologists and dedicated care department to provide customized ideal breast surgery.

Dream Team of Facial Bone Surgery

The dream team of facial bone consists of cosmetic surgery, dentistry(partner medical institution), anesthesiology specialists and dedicated facial bone care department. It is a unique cooperation system of VIEW Plastic Surgery clinic for safe surgery and satisfactory results through the cooperation from consulting and planning to surgery.

Our departments and medical specialties

Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Head of department: Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Choi, Soon Woo

Representative Doctor


Surgical specialty including reconstructive surgery and cosmetic / aesthetic surgery.




- Plastic surgery Specialist, Seoul National University Hospital - Resident of Seoul National University Hospital - Member of The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons - Member of Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Member of The Korean Society of Craniofacial

Treatments that we offer:

Arm lift surgery

Body lift surgery

Breast augmentation

Breast lift surgery

Breast reduction surgery

Brow lift surgery

Buttock augmentation

Cheek augmentation

Cheek reduction

Chin augmentation

Chin reduction

Cleft lip repair surgery

Cleft palate repair surgery

Dimple surgery

Ear surgery


Eyelid canthopexy

Eyelid canthoplasty

Eyelid surgery

Facelift MACS

Facelift mini

Facelift surgery

Facial feminization surgery

Forehead lift

Gynecomastia surgery

Hair transplantation

Lip reduction


Nasal septum deviation

Neck lift

Nipple correction

Nose surgery

Reconstructive surgery

Thigh lift

Tummy tuck surgery