Yes, we do penis enlargement surgery in Turkey – click on the UROLOGY box below to read more about it! Finally you can get bigger penis by penile enlargement. We offer also penis prosthesis (Penuma Penile Implant) and pneumatic penile prosthesis.

We are also experts and experienced specialist doctors of transgender surgery / gender reassignment surgery in Turkey.

Turkey has become one of the best healthcare tourism countries in the world. This matter came up because of specialist doctors, advanced technology hospitals, the newest technology in healthcare.

Because of these from all around of the world, everybody for resolving their health problem put Turkey as one of their preferences countries. Turkey is the point where, every year, millions of people while gives Health Service, offers a unique holiday opportunity. The main reason for highlighting Turkey in Health Tourism, privileged health services offered in the shortest time, and in the best way with the best prices.

Why Us?
We try to prepare your trust in the healthcare system by our experience, our surgeon group, the world standards, high quality, and reasonable cost strategy. Our goal is to help you to approach the best treatments in the world with reasonable cost.

We work with the best hotels, doctors and unique comfortable hospitals with JCI accreditation.

You can trust us and let us know about your request and leave everything to our hands. Our effective technicians will arrange the best treatment, surgery, hotel, and hospital, in the best view in Turkey without homesickness to make you experience a different lifetime.

Your Advantages
– Opportunity to work with the Best Surgeons in the desired field
– The possibility of treatment in hospitals equipped with high technology
– The best service in the world with the most advantageous opportunity to buy.
– the ability to log in quickly with direct flights from anywhere in the world
– A unique holiday opportunity in a unique Nature.
– To get VIP services

Who We Are
International aesthetic continues to add quality to your life with offering services in aesthetic surgery, cosmetic, beauty, medical procedures and urology since 2012. Our doctors performed thousands of operations in the institutes and academies abroad and they have been well-experienced in different cases. They had shortened the duration of stay in Turkey and time of recovery even in high-risk operations by choosing closed methods in surgical procedures.

Why Us?
We make you feel safe in the health care system with our experience for so many years, well-known surgeons group, high quality, and reasonable costs. Our goal is to help you to get the best treatments for reasonable costs. We work with the best hotels, doctors and unique comfortable hospitals with JCI accreditation. Just let us know about your requests and leave everything in our hands, we will organize all your needs in the perfect ways. Our professional experts will arrange to give the best medical package in the highest quality hotels and hospitals in Turkey. You will feel like in home and you will spend a different lifetime without homesickness.

Why Turkey?
For so many years Turkey has been started to raise up its quality in the health care system. At the moment, Turkey is one of the best medical service suppliers in the World. Turkey has high-quality hospitals and well-experienced doctors in addition to very nice weather and much more reasonable costs than other countries. Most of the people from other countries prefer to have done their medical treatments in Turkey and have their holiday at the same time.

We Offer
If you want to experience luxury services and have the good result of your treatment, you are in the right place. With high-level treatment services in the modern hospitals and hotels approach to the great look you deserve. Finally, spend time in the fantastic weather for a few days don’t leave any excuse to avoid choosing Turkey as your medical traveling target country.

Our team consists of specialized surgeons for giving you the best results and have been performing fast treatment by using the best techniques and procedures. If you want to save your money and have a good result of your treatment, you are in the right place. With high-level treatment services in the modern hospitals and hotels approach to the great look you deserve.

Finally, spend time in the fantastic weather for a few days, don’t leave any excuse to avoid choosing Turkey as your medical traveling country as a target.

You will notice a different approach and special service. As The International Aesthetic, we endeavor to offer you the safest, most comfortable and best result in all procedures and operations, carried out with an unprecedented medical service.

You will be welcomed warmly and feel safe and peaceful as long as you are our guest, with the privilege of receiving health care services in the nice location of Turkey.

We principally believe that everyone should be paid close attention. Therefore, our specialized doctors and advisors will discuss with you in details and your expectations in all aspects. We take joint decisions with the patients to achieve perfect and optimal results in an effort. We inform everyone in detailed, no matter what the type of the procedure or operation is. The pros and cons of the procedure to be performed are explained in detail. The result to be achieved after the procedure and the procedures that have been performed previously are presented and reviewed by means of computer programs so that the right decisions can be taken.

Our departments and medical specialties

Bariatric and weight loss surgery

Head of department: Bariatric and weight loss surgery


Treatments of obesity, which relates to health problems of overweight persons. Doctors who specialize in this area are called obesity doctors or bariatric surgery doctors.



Treatments that we offer:

Gastric bypass

Gastric sleeve

Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Head of department: Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Op. Dr. Muharrem

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon


Surgical specialty including reconstructive surgery and cosmetic / aesthetic surgery.




Dr. Muharrem was Born in 1964 in Eskişehir. After completing his primary and secondary education in Eskişehir, he received his Medical Doctor degree in 1988 from GATA Medical Faculty.Following his internship at GATA for 1 year, he became a military physician. As a flight physician for two years, he served as Health Supervisor-Flight Physician at 12th Air Transportation Base Command and at Etimesgut 12th Air Transportation Group Command in Eskişehir.Between 1991 and 1997, he completed his specialty education in GATA Gülhane Military Medical Faculty Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.He worked as a Plastic Surgery Clinic Chief in Etimesgut 600 Bed Air Hospital between 1997-2008.In 2001-2002, He was found next to prof. Dr. Berish Strauch as visiting fellow at the Montefiore Medical Center at Albert Einstein University, USA.In 2008-2010 he was appointed as the vice president of the TSK rehabilitation and Special Care Center and in January 2010 he retired from the TSK to full-time physicians.He started his private studies at Ankara-Gaziosmanpaşa International Well Woman&Man Clinic in 1997. Between 2005-2010 he continued his private practice.From 2015 Dr. Muharrem startet to practice with International Aestehtic Clinic.Special interest areas are aesthetic breast surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, aesthetic face-eye-neck surgery, and non-surgical botox, fillers, skin peeling, PRP and laser treatments.He is a member of Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (TPCD) and Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery (epcd) associations. He has many national and international articles and communiques.

Treatments that we offer:

Abdominal etching (six-pack)

Arm lift surgery

Beard transplantation

Body lift surgery

Breast augmentation

Breast lift surgery

Breast reduction surgery

Brow lift surgery

Buttock augmentation

Buttock lift surgery

Calf augmentation surgery


Cheek augmentation

Cheek reduction

Chin augmentation

Chin reduction

Dimple surgery

Ear surgery

Endo-laser-lipo lift


Eyelid canthopexy

Eyelid canthoplasty

Eyelid surgery

Face silhouette lift

Facelift MACS

Facelift mini

Facelift surgery

Facial feminization surgery

Forehead lift

Gender reassignment surgery

Gynecomastia surgery

Hair microsurgery

Hair transplantation



Labial reduction surgery

Lip augmentation

Lip reduction


Nasal septum deviation

Neck lift

Nipple correction

Nipple reduction

Nose surgery

Oculofacial plastic surgery

Pectoral implants

Penis enlargement surgery

Post-bariatric body contouring

Reconstructive surgery

Temple implants

Thigh lift

Transgender surgery

Tummy tuck surgery



Head of department: Dental


All dental specialties and treatments.



Treatments that we offer:

Cosmetic dentistry

Dental bone augmentation

Dental bridge

Dental crowns

Dental implants

Dental prothesis

Teeth bleaching


Head of department: Infertility-IVF


Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive within 12 months of trying.



Treatments that we offer:

Assisted conception: IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

Donor conception: Donated eggs

Donor conception: Donated embryos

Donor conception: Donated sperm

Freezing and storing: Sperm

Surgery for men: Vasectomy reversal

Surgery for women: Unblocking the fallopian tubes


Head of department: Urology

Op. Dr. Cem Özlük M.D



Treatment of the male urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs. Doctors who specialize in this area are called urologists.




Cem Özlük was born in Ankara. Surgeon Cem ÖZLÜK finished his primary education in TED Ankara College with half scholarship and his secondary education, in Science High School. He finished his Urology studies in 2012 in Gazi University and graduated as specialist in Urology. During his military service, he realized more than 1500 surgical interventions and received Outstanding Service Certificate (in Şırnak, in one day, he realized laparoscopic nephrectomy (removing cancerous or impaired kidney through laparoscopy) on four different patients). Then he studied Penoplasty (Penis Surgery) and Vaginoplasty (Vagina Surgery) in USA and Italy. He participated abroad in more than 200 plastic surgeries. He is realizing vaginoplasty and penoplasty by applying newest methods in the world. He participated in more than 10 workshops regarding penis enlargement. He achieves highly satisfactory results by the new method that he applies. He keeps participating in surgical interventions in the institutes for which he is still working. He focuses on infertility, andrology, prostate and varicosis and he applies treatments according to recent developments. Cem Özlük has robotic surgery and laparoscopy certificates. He generally prefers these methods for the patients having cancer. In kidney stone surgery, generally is used laser technology. Op. Dr. Cem Özlük prefers laparoscopy in surgical interventions. He shortens hospital stay and recovery time of the patient even in the most risky surgical interventions. He works on the diagnosis and medical follow-up of the patient by applying minimally invasive procedures. He applies these procedures through laparoscopic, endoscopic, percutaneous, microscopic and robotic surgery methods. One of his areas of interest is sexual dysfunctions. He participated in several seminaries, workshops and congresses regarding this area. He treats his patients by applying sexual therapy and some surgical procedures. He is an active member of ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine), EFS (European Federation of Sexology), TAD (Turkish Association of Andrology), CİSED (Sexual Health Association). He is also general secretary of IAP (International Academy of Penoplasty).

Conditions that we treat:

Bladder cancer

Erectile dysfunction



Kidney stones

Peyronie’s disease

Prostate enlargement

RAS Renal artery stenosis

Urinary fistula

Urinary retention


Treatments that we offer:



Bladder surgery



eSWL Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Hydrocele repair

Kidney stones removal

Laser lithotripsy



Percutaneous nephrolithotomy


PVP Photoselective vaporization of the prostate


Radical prostatectomy surgery

RPLND Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

SWL Shock wave lithotripsy

TURBT Transurethral resection of bladder tumours

TURP Transurethral resection of the prostate

TUVP Transurethral electroevaporation of the prostate


Urethral stricture dilation

Urinary incontinence