Dr SM Balaji is an acclaimed oral and maxillofacial surgeon in India with over 28 years of surgical experience. He is the founder-director of Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, which is a superspecialty center located in Teynampet, Chennai. It is equipped with two state-of-art operation theatres where surgeries ranging from correction of complex craniofacial deformities to simple dental implant placement are performed.

We are a specialty surgical center for cosmetic eye surgery, ear deformity correction surgery including microtia deformity correction, nose deformity correction surgery, jaw reconstruction surgery, orthognathic surgery, cheekbone surgery, cyst removal surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery, bone and fascia graft surgery for deformity correction and facial reanimation surgery for facial paralysis.

Other procedures performed at our center include dental implant surgery including placement of zygomatic and all on 4 implants, facial feminization surgery including hairline modification and angle of jaw reduction surgery, chin reduction surgery, cancer rehabilitation surgery for oral squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma, and facial asymmetry correction surgery for hemifacial microsomia and other congenital defects.

Our emergency facial trauma care unit has on call neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists and anesthesiologists and is ably supported by a 24-hour ambulance service. Equipped with the latest life support systems, this enables safe transport of the patient for immediate care by our team of doctors and paramedical staff. Redo surgeries performed by us for malunited facial fractures enables patients to return back to normal life with full esthetic and functional correction. This involves reestablishing correct occlusion between the teeth and facial symmetry between both sides of the face.

Our surgical unit is a pioneering center in the use of rh-BMP2 bone morphogenic protein in India. This new age bone stimulating protein is the result of years of cutting edge biotechnological research. It enables the closure of large bony defects like palatal fistulas through stimulation of existing bone cells. Treatment time is cut down by nearly half by the use of this material.

Craniofacial surgery for correction of complex craniofacial defects is also performed regularly at our center. This involves release of prematurely fused skull bones to enable normal growth and development of the brain. We are a referral center for children with craniofacial deformities from all over Asia. These surgeries enable these syndromic patients to develop normally and lead completely normal lives

Use of facial biometrics aided by CBCT and other radiographic studies enables best results for the patient. Use of materials developed through cutting edge scientific research like sonic welding promotes achieving optimal results for the patient. Use of such materials cuts down on the number of surgeries and the healing time required after complex surgeries. Great care is taken to ensure that the results achieve the perfect balance between function and esthetics.

Comprehensive oral and maxillofacial surgery services are available at our hospital including state of the art diagnostic laboratory and imaging facilities, a fully stocked pharmacy and a dental laboratory for immediate fabrication of precision dental prostheses.

Our departments and medical specialties

Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Head of department: Cosmetic and plastic surgery


Surgical specialty including reconstructive surgery and cosmetic / aesthetic surgery.



Treatments that we offer:

Cheek augmentation

Cheek reduction

Chin augmentation

Chin reduction

Cleft lip repair surgery

Cleft palate repair surgery

Face silhouette lift

Facelift MACS

Facelift mini

Facelift surgery

Jaw augmentation

Jaw reduction

Lip augmentation

Lip contouring

Lip reduction

Nasal septum deviation

Neck lift

Nose surgery

Oculofacial plastic surgery


Head of department: Dental


All dental specialties and treatments.



Treatments that we offer:



Cleft lip repair surgery

Cleft palate repair surgery

Cosmetic dentistry

Dental bone augmentation

Dental braces

Dental bridge

Dental crowns

Dental examination

Dental fillings

Dental implants

Dental jewelry

Dental prothesis

Dental veneers



Gingival flap surgery


Gum contouring surgery

Jaw surgery

Laser gum surgery

OMS Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Orthognathic surgery

Pediatric dentistry

Periapical surgery

Periodontal surgery

Periradicular surgery

Pulp capping

Teeth bleaching

Teeth bonding

Teeth cleaning

Teeth whitening

Tooth enamel repair

Wisdom tooth removal

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Head of department: Oral and maxillofacial surgery


Oral and maxillofacial (OMF) surgery refers to treatments of diseases related to the mouth, jaws, face, and neck.



Conditions that we treat:

Cleft lip

Cleft palate

Facial pain

Head and neck cancer

Jaw joint problems

Salivary gland disease

Treatments that we offer:

Cleft lip repair surgery

Cleft palate repair surgery

Craniofacial surgery

Facial aesthetics

Jaw surgery

Oral medicine

Orthognathic surgery

Skull base surgery